Your mask safety and mask performance depends on keeping your filters updated and mask fresh. The RZ® Subscriptions program allows you to set your schedule and save money on filters, disposable masks and mask cleanser. 



Depending on the type of activity you are using your RZ Mask® and filters for, the filters typically last up to 60 hours. All RZ® filters protect against 99.9% of all particulates to a size of .1 micron. Pick the go-to filter that works for you and select the quantity and frequency that works for you when you select to add it to your cart.

- F1 Standard Active Carbon Filter

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RZ® Mask Cleanser is our top accessory, designed to keep your RZ Mask® germ-free and odor-free, with no rinsing required. Our spray is made with hypochlorous – a natural germ killer, and naturally-occurring chemical. It’s even great for hands, skin, and other surfaces! Select the quantity and frequency that works for you when you add to your cart.

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While the reusable and washable masks from RZ® provide our best filtration, we understand that some situations call for a different solution. Our N95 Particulate Respirators are ideal for when you need a single-use, disposable mask. They offer great value, and are perfect for stashing in your glove box, giving to a friend, or if you forgot to order replacement filters for your reusable RZ Mask®!

- RZ® Folded Disposable Mask
- RZ® Cup Disposable Mask

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Frequently asked questions:

All countries are eligible for subscriptions but there will be shipping charges for orders outside the United States.

Pausing, cancelling, changing, upgrading etc. can all be done from within your account. When you sign up, your welcome email will include link to your portal.

You can manage your subscription by logging into your account.

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