RZ Industries is committed to provide the best possible air filtration masks available. We strive to give back and help others in need when breathing clean air is a problem. We go the extra mile to partner with and share 1,000s of RZ masks to people in need around the world. So, we are honored to provide RZ Masks to organizations like the Mayo Clinic transplant patients, Troy Marshall Ministries, St Jude Medical, Lung Transplant foundation, Chosen Children Ministries and more.

Chosen Children Ministries (CCM) is a faith based, non-profit organization that seeks to make Christ known by transforming communities in Nicaragua. They seek to impact families and create sustainable growth through humanitarian aid, child sponsorship, church planting, drilling wells, education, economic development and more.

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Troy Marshall Ministries (TMM) an organization that is Christ-centered, not program-centered. They believe if you are helping people and have an agenda for your own gain, then you are doing business not ministry. TMM wants to see real, lasting change in people's lives and bring a true expression of Christian love to the world. The heart of the family and staff at Troy Marshall Ministries and Charities is constantly asking, how can we do the maximum good?

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