With High-Profile Partnerships, RZ Industries Strengthens its Commitment to Lung Health

With High-Profile Partnerships, RZ Industries Strengthens its Commitment to Lung Health


The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably changed the market for respiratory protection. With a dramatic increase in mask usage and an influx of new companies, consumers struggle identifying which brands they can trust to keep them safe.


A trusted brand in respiratory protection long before the pandemic, RZ Industries recently announced partnerships with the American Lung Association and the COPD Foundation, further cementing the company’s credibility. Building a solid brand and engineering top-notch products requires time and dedication, and RZ Industries spent the last decade perfecting its top-performing air filtration products. In this blog post, we will discuss how RZ Industries grew into a trusted brand, navigated a suddenly crowded marketplace and earned opportunities to partner with major industry organizations.


From Family Safety to Trusted Industry Staple


RZ Industries was founded out of a father’s desire to protect his children. Steve Torbenson, founder and CEO of RZ Industries, distinctly remembers the afternoon he got the idea for what would become the M1 mask. Steve was enjoying his day riding motorbikes with his children, but when he turned around to check on them, he was greeted by their smiling faces, completely covered in dirt and dust. Unable to find a mask for them to wear that was comfortable, easy to breathe in and adequately filtered out the dust and particles, Steve decided to make his own — and RZ’s first product was born.


Ten years later, RZ Industries has gained a following in the motor sports community and other industries where respiratory protection is critical, like construction and woodworking. While they didn’t know it then, RZ Industries’ commitment to designing a safe and comfortable mask would ultimately help the general public navigate a global pandemic.


Standing Out in a Sea of Face Masks


The pandemic led to a dramatic increase in mask usage and an influx of new companies promising protection without industry-approved testing. This new wave of products resulted in numerous options on the market, but not all of these masks are guaranteed to protect users from illness and some even do more harm than good. From poor filtration to breathing difficulties and skin irritation, many risks come with using subpar masks.


When selecting a mask, consumers must look for products with rigorous testing standards from reputable third-party sources. A high-quality filter, like the Standard F1 Active Carbon Filter used in RZ’s masks, is crucial for adequate filtration of airborne particles like dirt, pollen, mold spores, allergens, bacteria and odors. A good mask should also fit securely and snugly on the face, with no gaps or openings. If the mask has a poor fit or seal, particles can bypass the filtration the mask provides and enter your lungs.


You can check out our post, “Why Product Testing Makes A Difference,” to learn more about our rigorous testing process and how we worked with world-renowned Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah, to ensure all RZ products deliver the best protection possible.




Strengthening Credibility: RZ Mask's Partnerships


In late 2022, RZ Industries announced it would donate $1 to the American Lung Association for every RZ product sold through November 2023, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $30,000. The company will also donate $1 from every sale of its products to the COPD Foundation through January 2024.


RZ's partnerships with the American Lung Association and the COPD Foundation showcase the company's dedication to lung health. These well-respected organizations are committed to improving respiratory health, and RZ Industries’ alignment with their values further establishes the brand as a reliable source of respiratory protection.


By collaborating with the American Lung Association and the COPD Foundation, RZ ensures its products meet high-quality industry safety standards, giving consumers the confidence they need to go about their daily lives.


Choose RZ Mask for Optimal Lung Health


Lung health is of paramount importance, especially in today's world. RZ Mask's partnerships, commitment to quality and established reputation make the company a trustworthy choice for respiratory protection. Don't settle for untested and unreliable masks — invest in your health by choosing RZ. Together, we can make a difference!


To learn more about RZ Mask's product offerings, visit https://rzmask.com/collections/masks.

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