RZ Answers: Why Testing Makes A Difference

RZ Industries is dedicated to providing the best possible air filtration masks for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s our original M1 Neoprene, our breathable M2 Mesh series, or our stylish M2 Nylon – all RZ Masks offer best-in-class performance and protection for your lungs. 

How are we so confident in the performance of our products? RZ invests significant time and money into third-party testing, to independently validate the effectiveness of our masks and filters.

We chose the world-renowned Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah, to perform the testing of our products. Nelson Labs is known as the industry leader, employing over 500 scientists and staff – performing over 800 different laboratory tests. They serve a wide variety of customers, including medical device, pharmaceutical, and tissue companies. They were founded in 1985 by Dr. Jerry R. Nelson and Lynda S. Nelson, and have grown to 13 global testing sites as of 2020. Nelson Labs facilities are FDA-registered as a GMP, GLP, and GTP testing lab with ISO 17025 accreditation.

Testing performed by Nelson Laboratories has shown that RZ filters remove up to 99.9% of particulates down to .1 micron in size (400 times smaller than a human hair!). In comparison, the N95 testing standard filters 95% of particulates down to .3 micron. Bandanas and cloth masks typically receive no testing, and will carry no guarantee of filter life or performance. 

Note that RZ filters must be replaced periodically, to ensure top performance and protection for the user. They last for 20-30 hours of use in heavy dust conditions, 30-40 hours in light dust conditions, and 50-60 hours when used against allergens, odors, and everyday pollutants. Buy them in a 12-pack for the best value, and to be sure you always have fresh filters ready to go!

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