RZ Answers: Breathe Safe This Fire Season with RZ Mask

The 2020 wildfire season is in full effect, with many areas of the country experiencing large and devastating fires. The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reported that over 7.3 million acres have burned so far in North America; 1.3 million more than the 10-year average. Thus far, over 3.7 million acres of land have burned in California, making it the most devastating fire season on record for the Golden State. Other highly affected states include Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. Air quality reports have shown significant danger for large areas across America – making it important to take precautions for your health. 

First and foremost, be sure to keep all windows closed in your home and vehicle, and set the vehicle’s HVAC system to recirculate. HEPA filters can be used in the home to help reduce smoke particulate and other contaminants. 

If you must venture outdoors, the only solution is a high-quality face mask. Cheap paper masks and homemade cloth masks are only designed to filter large particles, and will not protect your lungs against the dangers of widespread smoke and ash. RZ Masks® feature our industry-leading filters, which are laboratory-tested to remove 99.9% of particulates down to .1 micron in size. In addition, our F1 and F3 filters contain an Active Carbon Element to help reduce fumes and odors. 

If you plan to exercise outdoors, our M2.5 Mesh is the ideal choice. Its breathablmesh construction helps to keep you cool in warm temperatures, while the double strap system helps to keep the mask secure while you move. Many of our customers use this mask for longer-duration outdoors activity. Our one-way valves help to quickly and efficiently expel your exhaled breath, while keeping moisture inside the mask to a minimum. Our patent-pending Exhalation Valve Caps are equipped for indoor use to protect you and other people around you. This combination provides a “best of both worlds” solution to keep both you and your loved ones safe this fire season.

Rest assured that no matter which RZ Mask® you choose, you’ll have premium protection for your health – in the World’s Most Comfortable Air Filtration Mask®!

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