RZ Answers: How to Adjust Your RZ Mask so it Never Fogs Your Glasses

We’ve heard it time and again - people choosing between a mask OR safety goggles because the mask they wear fogs their glasses. This is one of the key design features we set out to achieve because we think your mask should work with all the PPE you use to provide maximum protection – not solve one problem while creating another.

Need some help getting the proper fit? Click for the easy 3 steps to a tight seal that will prevent your glasses from fogging.


  1. Adjust the nose piece back and forth to loosen it up when you take it out of the box.Adjust RZ Mask nosepiece to loosen it up when you take it out of the package.
  2. Put mask on, adjusting for a tight, secure fit but should still be comfortable.Put your mask on, adjusting so it's tight and secure yet comfortable.
  3. Gently pinch the metal nosepiece to fit the bridge of your nose.Gently pinch the metal nose clip of the RZ Mask to create a tight seal to your face.

You're ready to work! If you have questions or challenges getting your best fit, please reach out to us for assistance at support@rzmask.com.  

When properly fit and adjusted, RZ Mask should never fog your glasses.

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