Behind the Mask: The Stump Shop

While we all love the class-leading 99.9% filtration of RZ Masks®, the most important thing is what’s Behind the Mask – YOU! We love seeing our air filtration and safety products hard at work, whether it’s woodworking, construction, allergy protection, or keeping our first responders safe from public health hazards like the COVID-19 pandemic.

April is National Woodworking Month, so we’re kicking off the series with Viktor – woodworker and owner of The Stump Shop in Ontario, Canada.

Q: "What are the top 5 tools you use in the shop?"
A: As a woodworker, there are so many tools out there that you just can’t live without. My favorite tools in the shop are an orbital sander, electric hand planer, table saw, thickness planer, and miter saw. And of course – my RZ Mask®! He’s shown here sporting our new Forest Camo M2 Nylon Mask Shell.

Q: "What is you most memorable project you have done?"

A: Even though I am a stump specialist, my most memorable project is an Ash kitchen table. It is the perfect focal point for a kitchen, and can be passed down to generations to come.

Q: "If you had a daily mantra what would it be?"
“Just do what needs to get done.” This eliminates the worrying, stressing, dreading about all of our daily activities that may not always be fun or entertaining but regardless, need to get done. Just do what needs to get done without hesitation and move on with your day.

Q: "Do you have any goals you want to achieve in 2021?"
A: My goal for 2021 and moving forward is to continue to grow my brand, take on interesting partnerships and projects and to focus more on the growth of my YouTube.

Q: "What is your favorite thing about your RZ Mask®?"
A: There isn’t one favorite thing about my mask. There are many. I love the ease of putting it on and taking if off with the one large [hook and loop] strap. I also love the look of my mask with the many different styles and colors, and most importantly I love the level of protection it provides.

Please be sure to check out The Stump Shop on Instagram to see his amazing artwork. It is the perfect time of the year to work on a new project or even pick up a new skill. Don’t be afraid to try new things; just make sure to wear your RZ Mask® and Breathe Safe®!

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