RZ MASK Helps Mongolia with clean air

RZ Industry / RZ Mask's goal is to save lives in the most polluted city in the world, Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, with the distribution of high quality air-filtration masks and the development of an alternative fuel source.
IMPACT: The air pollution in Mongolia exceeds 133 times the legal world wide
safe limit for pollution levels. The Air Quality Index standard measures the
safety of air. Safe ranges are measured in a low rate of 0-65 AQI, the high range
considered dangerous is anything over 120 AQI. During our last visit, our AQI Meter measured an average of 999.9 AQI, exceeding the monitor’s maximum measuring ability.
In addition to this, the chemical,Benzene, that is released from burning tires is the direct cause of Mongolia’s highest infant mortality and birth defect rates in their most populated areas. According to a 2018 UNICEF study, half of children under 12 years old have less than a 40% lung capacity. Our mask is capable of significantly protecting from the benzene fumes and 99.9% percent of toxic pollutants, in accordance with the world health standard for a 99.9% down to .1 microns grade mask and RZ Masks stage 4 filters. The durability of each mask will last up three years. 
Founded in 2010 by visionary Steve Torbenson he created the RZ Mask for the love of his four boys. Their family adventures took them from the Hills of Tennessee to the sand dunes in Glamis California. Torbenson knows the importance of a high quality masks as he was also a Home Renovating in the Minneapolis - ST Paul area for over 24 years. During that time he suffered countless sinus infections using paper masks and rubber masks that just didn't fit correctly leaking hazardous dust in while on the job.  
Since 2018 RZ Industries / RZ Mask has distributed over 25,000 masks to the wonderful people of Mongolia with the help of Troy Marshall Ministries & Charities. Torbenson said this is a true "Blessing" to work with Troy Marshall.
2018 Results: Our team has followed up on our 2018 distribution. The Chief of
Medicine and hospital administrators gave positive reports concerning the rates of infection, and school teachers about the overall wellness of each mask recipient.

They reported:
• Significant drop in upper respiratory infections
• Decline in absences from school due to health and long-term hospitalization
• The Chief Medical Officer noted a significant drop in still born births and
miscarriages among masks worn by pregnant mothers
• Parents reported fewer hospital visits and need for antibiotics for families
during the Winter months
• Local Churches reported higher attendance and fewer children missing
church due to illness and hospitalization
• All interviewed persons notably reported an increase in overall health from the previous Winter and a decline in pollution related illnesses.
DISTRIBUTION: To date we have distributed over 25,000 masks in Mongolia. Distribution is monitored by the Ministry of Health and Education in connection with the Mongolian Government. The Ministry of Health has classified our mask as a medical device and as such we can import it into the country with minimal tax. Distributions are given through schools, children’s and women’s hospitals, and churches that are designated by the Government as the most at risk. Our team of volunteers and staff are present at all distribution sites and handle education, training and documented accounting for each mask. Each mask must be registered with a person’s government ID number and email address. These registration forms must be reported to the Ministry of Health in Mongolia. Masks are securely stored in our offices. Masks cannot be sold for retail per our agreement with the Mongolian Government. Every mask is given to those who have been identified as the most vulnerable by the Ministry of Health and Education Department.
I created RZ Industries & RZ Mask to help people live a healthier life.
- Steve Torbenson 
RZ's vision is to help all BREATHE SAFE!  

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