M2.5 Masks

Why You'll Love Our

M2.5 Mesh Masks

• Adjustable 2-strap system
• Good for warmer temperatures
• Won't fog your glasses
• One-way valves reduce moisture

      4 products

      4 products

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      the M1, M2, and M2.5 mask?

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      What are M2.5 customers saying?

      Both thumbs up

      As a tradesman I use the M2.5 when I am using my hands and working where I will wear the mask for long periods.

      Patrick J.

      Works great

      Easy to breathe in even with the plugs installed. The dual strap system works great and helps prevent the mask from falling down and my glasses do not fog up.

      John A.


      I love my 2.5 Mesh mask. It allows for much more mobility of my head.

      Allan F.