RZ Answers: 5 Reasons to Upgrade to an RZ Mask

From DIY projects to public safety, RZ Mask helps protect you with our premium-quality reusable masks. RZ Masks are adjustable, fashionable, and easily washable. With general care, our masks can last for hundreds or even thousands of uses! We are firm believers that it is better to invest in the right mask that will serve you for years to come – rather than a knock-off or disposable mask that won’t provide adequate filtration. 

Here are five reasons to consider upgrading to RZ Mask for your next mask purchase:

1. Designed with health in mind 
Lung health is essential, and our masks can keep you safe. When worn properly, you will receive a 360° seal for optimal protection. All RZ Masks are entirely free of lead and BPA plastics.

Our F1 and F3 filters have been laboratory tested to block 99.9% of particulates, down to 0.1 micron in size (exceeding the popular N95 standard). In addition, our F1 and F3 filters contain active carbon filtration elements, helping to reduce odors. Learn more about our RZ filters.

2. Quality vs. Quantity 
We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality products that will last. The outer shell of our masks are washable, durable, and made for comfort. Each RZ Mask includes two F1 Active Carbon filters that are designed to go the distance and keep you safe.

Approximate filter life:
- 20-30+ hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure (grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc.).
- 30-40+ hours of continuous use in light dust exposure.
- 50-60+ hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors, etc.

3. Better for the environment 
When you invest in an RZ Mask, you won’t need to replace it (at least not for a very long time!). Single-use or disposable masks are not as effective and can pile up fast in the garbage. RZ Masks are reusable, and Mother Nature approved!

4. Cost-effective
While more expensive than disposable masks, RZ Masks are a better long-term investment. Each RZ Mask includes two F1 Active Carbon filters, standard V1 one-way exhalation valves, strap extensions, and a carrying case to keep your mask and filters clean when not in use. We’re also proud to offer a satisfaction guarantee; please visit our FAQ for more information.

5. We have a mask for everyone
We have multiple mask styles to meet any need, along with three types of filters. If you work in an industry with specific mask needs, visit our Uses Page for more information. 

Regardless of what you’re doing, you can rest assured that all RZ Masks and filters will provide best-in-class protection and value for you and your loved ones! As always, Breathe Safe.

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