Personal Health: Tips for Fall Allergies

Weather is slowly changing and summer is coming to an end. For many people, that means fall allergies are here! Fall allergies typically start at the end of July to early August and can last until November. Most regions will require a “hard freeze” for a few days to kill off the pollen in the air and in the ground. Depending on where you are located, your fall allergies could last longer or shorter. 

But what actually causes allergies to flare up in the fall? Spring allergies are the most common because plants and trees are growing and creating pollen. Two things that grow in the fall are ragweed and mold.

Ragweed, a plant that grows in North America and releases pollen, is the #1 producer of fall allergies. Even if you aren’t from North America, it can still affect you because the pollen that is produced can travel in the air. One single ragweed plant can produce about a billion pollen grains every year!

Mold can also be a cause for fall allergies. Even though most of the US was in a drought this summer, many states have seen an uptick in rainfall the last few weeks. Mold can start growing where piles of damp leaves lay, which is why it is important to clean your yard in the fall. One way to combat allergies caused from lawn care is to wear your RZ Mask® which will filter out pollen and mold that you could be breathing in.   

Some helpful tips to help your fall allergies this season:

  1. Remove allergens from your home by using an air purifier or turn on HVAC system and keep windows and doors shut.
  2. Keep mold away from the house by removing dead vegetation such as vegetable gardens, annual plants, and leaves.
  3. Deep clean your house by moping, using a damp dust cloth to capture dust, and vacuuming the carpet, rugs, and furniture.
  4. Wash clothes and linens regularly, it is suggested warm to hot water works best.
  5. Wear RZ Mask for outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or cutting back plants.
  6. When you do feel your allergies, relieve symptoms with nasal spray or rinse.


Which RZ Mask is right for what your allergy season needs?
The M2 Mesh is easy to strap on and take off easily. If you’re doing light work or taking the mask on and off frequently, the M2 is an easy go to. The single neck strap is easy to put on and take off, and the breathable mesh is great for warmer weather while still providing up to 99.9% filtration from the allergen particulates in the air.

If your allergies flare up when you’re doing active outdoor work such as lawncare or exercise, the M2.5 two-strap system offers a more secure fit. With straps that go behind the top of your head and the back of your neck, this mask is made to go on and stay on for long periods of time and offer the RZ standard protection of up to 99.9% filtration.


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