Behind the Mask: Tim The Lawnmower Man

Q: Tell Us About Your Business
A: I'm a full time firefighter but I also run a lawn care business. Initially I intended to do lawn maintenance, but since I've started getting a following on YouTube, my focus has shifted to wildly overgrown yard makeovers. I still do other jobs when they pop up and I have the time, but YouTube takes up a large amount of my time.

Q: What do you love about your work?
A: The look on an owner's face after you've turned a monstrosity of a yard into something livable for them and their pets. I also love the tool side of things. It's a bit of a sickness really, I love trying new equipment, to the detriment of my bank account!

Q: How long on average do the crazy lawns take to tame?

A: As I document every moment of the makeover they take much longer than they should! I'd say anywhere from 2-4 hours. I just purchased a new stand on mower that will greatly improve my efficiency, so I'm looking forward to doing transformations with that.

Q: When did you start your YouTube channel? What do you think has made it such a success? 
A: I started my channel in February this year, not looking to get views or a following but just to be able to show some of my work to potential clients. I had about 25 views (20 of which were probably me!) for the first couple of weeks, then all of the sudden a video I made of me cutting an untidy lawn got 2,000 views overnight. I started to lean into making the overgrown yard videos and 6 months later the channel is about to hit 3 million views. There seems to be a thirst for oddly satisfying content on YouTube and I think watching the grass go from unruly to clean cut hits the spot.

Q: What are your personal or professional goals?

A: I'd like to see if I can continue to grow my channel by thinking of more entertaining ways to deliver my videos. That's a challenge as audiences can move on quickly if they are bored. At the same time, if the views all stopped tomorrow, I'm just thankful for the fun ride that it has been!

Q: Top 5 Tools or Must-Haves on the Job
A: 1. My RZ M2.5 Mask, I can't work without it! 2. Camera. If I don't film it, it didn't happen! I use a GoPro 9 and my iPhone. 3. Utility mower. Up until now I've done my makeovers with a push mower. This mower is an absolute weapon and it cops a beating! 4. My Gaiters or "sock savers". They cover your boots so debris doesn't make it's way into your boots. 5. Coffee! Always have one before I start a job.

Q: What aspects of your work call for wearing a mask?
A: From start to finish! Between the cut grass clippings, dust and debris, there is always something that would upset my allergies. It's dirty work.

Q: When did you start wearing your RZ Mask? What aspects of it make it your go-to?
A: I started after I saw another YouTuber (Scott Brown Carpentry) wearing one while cutting timber. I figured I would try it and see if it helped with my allergies. I love the fit of them on my face and how easy they are to get on and off. Also, the ability to wash it is a must for me.

Q: What was your most memorable project?
A: Probably filming a makeover in a full suit (check it out here!). It was ridiculous but my partner and I had a fun time filming it and watching the faces on people going by. It's the only video that my daughter likes!

Q: If you had a daily or life mantra, what would it be?
A: Pretty simple, just be persistent. I'm far from the best at anything I do but I keep turning up day in day out to try to achieve what I want.

Want more satisfying before and after lawn videos? Check out Tim's YouTube Channel or follow Tim on Instagram

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