What are Valves & Valve Caps?
Our V1 and V2 mask valves help keep your mask clean and dry by forcing air through your mask filter when you breath in and allow air to quickly escape when you breath out.
Valve Caps force air through your mask filter when you breathe in AND out, which make them a great option for personal health and virus protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need valves or valve caps to benefit from RZ Mask filters.

V1 valves only come in black while V2 valves come in a variety of colors. Both valves offer the same protection.

The short answer is no. Valve caps were created to prevent the spread of airborne particulates or germs to those around you by forcing all exhaled air through our F1 or F3 filters.

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacement diaphragms for our valves.

If you lose the plastic diaphragm from your valves, you will need to purchase a new set of valves.

No! You will only need to replace your mask valves if there is damage to the valve or if you lose the plastic diaphragm.

Valves or valve caps can be replaced by turning the inside of each valve, counter-clockwise.

For more in depth instructions with images, read our blog, How to Change RZ Filters & Valves

The Original
V1 Exhalation Valves

The V1 exhalation valves are our standard valve and feature a one-way airflow vent that expels condensation to keep your mask interior dry.

V1 valves come standard in black.

The Improved
V2 Exhalation Valves

Our V2.0 replacement exhalation valves are made of thicker plastic, providing added durability.

The V2.0 valves also hold the diaphragms in a section of the valve separate from the portion that opens to change the filters.

V2.0 valves come in a variety of colors to match your personal style.

Public Safety
Valve Caps

With evolving public safety concerns and regulations, some states and medical facilities now encourage or require a slight update to mask designs. 

In response, RZ Industries introduced our valve caps. These do not allow any air to pass through the valves – forcing 100% of your exhaled breath back out through the mask filter.

This design helps to prevent the spread of airborne particulates or germs to those around you in tight indoor spaces. Exhalation valve caps are compatible with all RZ Mask models, and can be installed in moments.