Since 2010, RZ Mask has been the leading dust mask for woodworking, lawncare, power sports, agriculture and more. It provides up to 99.9% protection from airborne particulates down to .1 micron, providing superior protection for makers and doers.

collage image showing a a woodworker on the left using a grinder on wood, the woodworker in the middle is using a palm sander and the one on the right is using a dremel tool.

      In response to the current global pandemic, RZ Mask quickly created our patent-pending Exhalation Valve Caps that are designed to stop all airflow from exiting your mask. The valve caps are interchangeable with our current valve system for use in public locations where masks are required for virus protection. Pair them with your RZ Mask which provides up to 99.9% protection from airborne particulates, and you have superior protection for both you and those around you.
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