Fire Fighting
Fire Fighting

RZ Mask for Fire Fighters


“The most refined product that we have used during our overhaul process on fire scenes” -Proudly worn by Ladder Crew #1 at Martin’s Ferry Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio.


The RZ Mask features a replaceable filter mounted inside a comfortable neoprene exterior. The filter features two technologies that combine to provide the most effective filtration in the harsh conditions found at fire sites. 


The outer layer is a fine mesh that has been laboratory tested to capture up to 99.9% of all particles sizes .1 micron in size or larger.  By comparison, tobacco smoke particles measure about .3 microns in size.


The second layer of the filter is impregnated with activated carbon that attracts other carbon-based chemicals.  The activated carbon is extremely porous, featuring as much as 2,000 square meters per gram.  Airborne impurities chemically bond to the activated carbon, thus cleaning the air you breathe.


Also mounted to the neoprene shell are dual one-way exhaust valves that minimize moisture, thus assuring an adjustable and comfortable fit that can be worn for extended periods of time.


Working in concert to eliminate contaminants from the air, the mask is ideal for activities like overhauling and fighting brush fires.


Currently used by fire departments around the country and internationally, RZ Mask is proud to provide comfortable, effective personal breathing protection in the Fire Fighting world. 



* Please note: The RZ Mask is not flame resistant. We do not recommend utilizing the mask in a setting where the user will be coming in contact with fire. The RZ Mask is solely designed for dust and light smoke protection.



*Please visit the Wildland Fire Assessment System ( for a map on territories currently in danger of wildfires.


*To locate fires currently burning, please visit National Interagency Coordination Center:


*For further information on how to purchase the RZ Mask for your fire department utilizing a Grant from FEMA, please visit:


*To see what’s available for fire grants, please visit Fire Grants Help ( and get started to supply your fire department with RZ Masks.


Suggested Styles

solid red
Red $29.95
Natural $29.95
Filters Regular $6.95


admin | smoke | Hans- Texas
I walked through smoke during a grassfire that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and the mask was perfect. The RZ Mask cuts down a lot of the smoke so you're not being choked. Hans R, Montgomery Fire Dept, Texas
admin | smoke | Nancy T- Oregon
Thank you so much for the great mask! Living and working in Southern Oregon during the wildfires made it impossible for me to breathe. If one needs to wear a mask - it should be THIS one! It is the best mask I've found for easy breathing and no...
admin | smoke | Ken R - Firefighting
“The most refined product that we have used during our overhaul process on fire scenes” -Proudly worn by Ladder Crew #1 at Martin’s Ferry Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio.
WhiteStripes | smoke | Firefighting
The RZ mask has out performed all expectations. As a full time firefighter in East Texas we have faced numerous wildfires, these fire produce lots of smoke, pollutants, as well as other air born irritants. The RZ mask filtered these irritants out so...