QL1500 PINK 2-Pack
QL1500 PINK 2-Pack


QL1500 PINK 2-Pack

Quickloader is FASTER, STRONGER and EASIER TO USE than regular tie downs.
Quickloader has a longer handle for more leverage, features an extended release, and comes with a spring-loaded coil that holds all the excess webbing in place.
Got a milk crate full of entangled straps?Trip over loose strap? Pinch your fingers when you try to release the ratchet? No more!
Say goodbye to the hassle and say hello to Quickloader.
The BEST tie down strap known to mankind!

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  • PINK Webbing
  • 2-Pack
  • Springloaded Retractable
  • 12ft Webbing
  • 1500lbs Breakstrength
  • 500lbs Work Load limit
  • S-hooks