M2 Nylon Shell - Mondrian

  • M2 Nylon Shell - Mondrian

M2 Nylon Shell - Mondrian


M2 NYLON SHELL: 1 Strap System

Why choose between breathing clean air and rocking your personal style? With Mask Shells from RZ Industries®, you can have it all!

Our Mask Shells can be used with the filter and valves from your existing RZ Mask®, or build your own from scratch by purchasing a Mask Shell, RZ® filter, and RZ® valves or valve caps.

This shell was inspired by the iconic geometric work of famous Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian. We’ve interpreted his use of the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), and three primary values (black, white, and gray), and applied it to our flexible and breathable M2 Nylon material – perfect for temperate to warm conditions.


+ Tough and durable construction
+ Nylon material is more flexible than our other materials, providing the most customized fit
+ Ideal for temperate to warm conditions
+ Adjustable nose clip eliminates any fogging of your glasses
+ Three sizes for personalized fit – Medium, Large, Extra Large