M2 Nylon Shell - Graffiti Big RZ

  • M2 Nylon Shell - Graffiti Big RZ

M2 Nylon Shell - Graffiti Big RZ


M2 NYLON SHELL: 1 Strap System

Why choose between breathing clean air and rocking your personal style? With Mask Shells from RZ Industries®, you can have it all!

Our Mask Shells can be used with the filter and valves from your existing RZ Mask®, or build your own from scratch by purchasing a Mask Shell, RZ® filter, and RZ® valves or valve caps.

How would you describe your personal style? Urban, street, kitsch, or simply one-of-a-kind? If you live life beyond any labels or norms, our graffiti-inspired designs will help tell your story to the world. A graffiti-inspired RZ Mask® logo is applied to our flexible and breathable M2 Nylon material – perfect for temperate to warm conditions.


+ Tough and durable construction
+ Nylon material is more flexible than our other materials, providing the most customized fit
+ Ideal for temperate to warm conditions
+ Adjustable nose clip eliminates any fogging of your glasses
+ Three sizes for personalized fit – Medium, Large, Extra Large