M2.5 Nylon RZ Mask - Strong


The M2.5 Nylon RZ Mask is unparalleled in its class and takes comfortability and performance to the next level. Its lightweight and slim design features a full nylon main body construction, resulting in a soft yet durable outer shell. The low-profile build ensures seamless integration into any user’s job or adventure. Keeping air fresh is the replaceable Active Carbon filter promoting a 99.9% filtration rate. The M2.5 Nylon Mask is your everyday air filtration mask, ideal from smog swept cities to pollen filled fields.


RZ Mask Features:


  • Nylon Construction – Lightweight – Flexible - Breathable
  • 99.9% Replaceable Active Carbon Filters
  • Dual one-way discharge valves – Reduce condensation
  • Adjustable nose clip – Prevent fogging
  • Two Adjustable Elastic Straps – Universal fit
  • 360 Degree seal - Prevents leakage
  • Versatile - Durable - Washable
  • RZ Filters tested at World Renowned Microbiological Testing Facility  

RZ Mask Benefits:


  • Active Carbon filter protects lungs against variety of harmful airborne particulates including dust, allergens, smoke, fumes, odors and more making it great for a variety of applications
  • RZ Filters typically last's 100+ hours during allergen or pollution application allowing for multiple uses before filter replacement. Click here for more
  • RZ Mask material is flexible allowing it to be easily stored in a pocket, purse, or glove box so it’s there when you need it most



  • 1 RZ Mask
  • 2 F1 RZ Filters


How long do RZ Filters last?


The life expectancy of the RZ Filter depends on many variables, such as; particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration and user breathing rate. With that said, below are our general guidelines – as the user will have the final call given your exposure.


  • 20-30+ hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition etc.
  • 30-40+ hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition etc.
  • 50-60+ hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors etc.