F1 Filter Bundle

  • F1 Filter Bundle

F1 Filter Bundle


This Bundle Includes:

F1 Mask Filter - 3/Pack
F1 Mask Filter - 3/Pack
1 - F1 Mask Filter - 3/Pack - Medium - $7.95
2 - F1 Mask Filter - 3/Pack - Large - $7.95
3 - F1 Mask Filter - 3/Pack - Extra Large - $7.95
Exhalation Valve Caps - Black
Exhalation Valve Caps - Black
4 - Exhalation Valve Caps - Black - Default Title - $4.95
Mask Cleanser
Mask Cleanser
5 - Mask Cleanser - Default Title - $6.95

Keep your mask sanitized and working to its peak with our F1 Filter Bundle. This bundle features a 3-pack of our standard F1 filters, our patent-pending Exhalation Valve caps to protect others from your exhaled breath as needed, and our bestselling Mask Cleanser, designed to keep your RZ Mask® germ and odor-free.


The F1 is our standard RZ Mask® filter, consisting of two layers. The first layer is our highly effective particulate filter, trapping particles down to .1 micron in size. The second layer is an Active Carbon Element, which helps to reduce harmful fumes and odors. The best part? All RZ® filters have been laboratory tested to be up to 99.9% effective!

+ Best-in-class filtration with 360-degree seal
+ Active Carbon Element reduces odors
+ Filters up to 99.9% of particulates down to .1 micron in size (400 times smaller than a human hair)!
+ Independently tested at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City, UT
+ Performance far exceeds that of homemade masks, bandanas, cloth masks, and paper masks

Common F1 uses: 
Low intensity, dust/fumes/odors/smoke/pollen.


Be sure you choose the filter size that matches your mask size: 
Medium Filter = Medium Mask
Large Filter = Large Mask
X-Large Filter = X-Large Mask


How long does an RZ Filter last? 
The life expectancy of the RZ Filter depends on many variables, such as; particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration, and user breathing rate. With that said, below are our general guidelines – as the user will have the final call given your exposure.

+ 20-30+ hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc.

+ 30-40+ hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc.

+ 50-60+ hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors, etc.


Each F1 Filter Bundle Includes :

+ 1 F1 Filter 3 Pack

+ 1 Set of Black Exhalation Valve Caps

+ 1 RZ Mask Cleanser