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Save 25% on:
M2 Mask, F3 Filters, Valve Caps, and Cleanser

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This Bundle Includes:

M2 Mesh Mask - Black
M2 Mesh Mask - Black
1 - M2 Mesh Mask - Black - Medium - $34.95
2 - M2 Mesh Mask - Black - Large - $34.95
3 - M2 Mesh Mask - Black - Extra Large - $34.95
F3 High Airflow + Active Carbon Filter - 3 Pack
F3 High Airflow + Active Carbon Filter - 3 Pack
4 - F3 High Airflow + Active Carbon Filter - 3 Pack - Medium - $14.95
5 - F3 High Airflow + Active Carbon Filter - 3 Pack - Large - $14.95
6 - F3 High Airflow + Active Carbon Filter - 3 Pack - Extra Large - $14.95
Exhalation Valve Caps - Black
Exhalation Valve Caps - Black
7 - Exhalation Valve Caps - Black - Black - $4.95
Mask Cleanser
Mask Cleanser
8 - Mask Cleanser - Default Title - $3.95
RZ Mask proudly introduces our newest way to Breathe Safe and filter up to 99% of particulates down to .1 micron in size. The M2 F3 Bundle Pack includes the M2 Mesh Mask, 3-pack of F3 filters, our patent-pending Exhalation Valve caps to protect others from your exhaled breath as needed, and our popular Mask Cleanser spray – at 25% OFF the standard price!

M2 Mesh Mask
The RZ M2 Mesh is our second-generation design, and the most popular RZ Mask. It features a highly breathable, comfortable, and durable mesh fabric construction that helps to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days. The M2 features a single strap hook-and-loop closure, aiding in quick installation and removal of the mask.

F3 Filters
The F3 is our premium RZ filter, providing up to 50% better breathability than our F1 standard filter. Made from five unique layers of protection, the F3 features an electrostatic filter to capture small particulates down to .1 micron and an active carbon layer to greatly reduce odors and fumes. Providing up to 99% filtration and our best breathability, the F3 filter is a favorite filter for woodworking, construction, lawncare, power sports and more.

RZ Mask Cleanser
RZ Mask Cleanser is designed to keep your RZ Mask germ-free and odor-free, with no rinsing required! Our spray is made with hypochlorous – a natural germ killer, and naturally-occurring chemical. It’s even great for hands, skin, and other surfaces!

Patent-Pending Exhalation Valve Caps
Our Patent Pending Exhalation Valve Caps are an alternative to our standard V1 and V2 one-way exhalation valves. The Exhalation Valve Caps do not allow any air to pass through the valves – causing 100% of your exhaled breath pass through the mask filter. This design helps to further prevent the spread of airborne particulate or germs to those around you in tight indoor spaces.

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