You know that shop life can be loud, dusty and messy. That’s why we’ve created top-of-the line accessories to support the work you do and keep you safe – from safer breathing to eye and ear protection. We’ve put together the ultimate RZ® pack of gear to provide safety and protection beyond the mask. For a limited time, save 25% on our new Woodworker's Bundle! This bundle includes the following:


3-in-1 Apron

Our unique 3-in-1 Apron can tackle any job with ease. Its versatile design allows you to wear it as a full-length apron (covering the thighs), a short-length apron, or as a utility belt. The sections connect with heavy-duty zippers, making it a breeze to switch-it-up. Our apron is constructed of rugged 16-oz cotton canvas, and is both oil and stain resistant.


RZ® Defender Work Earmuffs

The RZ® Defender Work Earmuffs keep your ears safe both on-the-job and at home. Providing a full 26db of noise reduction, they're perfect for hearing protection when using power tools, construction equipment, farm equipment, or anything that creates ear-damaging levels of sound. They're easy to slip on and off quickly, and are a must-have for home or construction worksite.


G1 Safety Glasses

Our G1 Safety Glasses are made of super-tough and super-light polycarbonate, and remain comfortable for hours of use. They're perfect for your garage, home shop, professional work setting, or anywhere that eye protection is critical.