Holding the filter comfortably in place is our neoprene or mesh mask. We engineered all our masks to form-fit your faces natural contours in order to form a seal and keep unfiltered air out. We use premium materials and innovative construction methods to ensure every product has a long, effective existence. Our design process begins and ends with you, allowing us to create products that adapt and work with your body’s natural movements, not against them. The result, an incredibly comfortable and efficient line of products that outperform the rest.

At the heart of RZ Mask is the filter. We use the highest quality filter media and ensure that our filtration standards are met through consistent quality control. We have conducted laboratory testing for each filter at Salt Lake City’s world renowned microbiological testing facility Nelson Laboratories. Each filter has been proven to greatly reduce the risk of exposure to harmful airborne particulates. Below are additional beneficial features of the RZ Mask that all account for why RZ is shaping the future of respiratory protection.


Lightweight and adjustable fitting masks form to the natural contours of your face ensuring a tight seal and no leakage of polluted air. Two available mask materials to choose from offer comfort in extreme heat too cold and everywhere in-between.


Like you, RZ Masks are designed to move. They can twist, bend, and turn in every direction and still function properly when worn. This gives you the ability to store the mask in your pocket or their carrying case and use it when you need it most.


Two features on the RZ Mask prevent eyewear from fogging. Two one-way discharge valves allow exhaled air to escape the mask and vents can be pointed downward to direct air away from eyewear. An adjustable nose clip ensures no leakage around the nose.


The RZ Mask can house five different types of filters. Each filter has distinct advantages and offers protection from a wide range of breathable air hazards. The mask can go anywhere you go and be worn in harmony with other various headwear such as a full-face helmet. These factors all contribute to the many different applications the RZ Mask can be used in. One mask can be an ATV Mask, dust mask, air pollution mask, allergy mask, woodworking mask, welding mask, etc.


The RZ Mask is designed with the user’s convenience in mind. The mask can be applied and removed very easily with Velcro straps around the back of the neck, eliminating the need to remove eye or headwear.


Unlike disposables, an RZ Filter can last up to 40 hours or longer before needing to be replaced. For some this can be weeks or even months using the same filter. This cuts down on yearly cost and waste.


The mask, or shell that holds the filter, can be hand washed with a mild soap & water mixture and be reused. This cuts on cost compared to disposables because our filters last much longer and are priced affordably.