Most of us know whether we have a “medium”, “large” or “x-large” face. That’s the easiest way to determine your size:

 Face size                     RZ Mask size

Medium                     Medium (we do not have a “small” mask size; our

medium fits a small face.)  Typically fits people up to 125 lbs.

Large                         LargeTypically fits people 125-215 lbs.

X-Large                      Extra large. Typically fits people 215 lbs. and up. 

Note: Our most popular size is Large.

*If it doesn't fit - we'll exchange it for free! 

Feel like measuring?

You can also use a measurement if you want to be sure of the right size for you.  Measure from the bridge of your nose to just below your chin:

Measurement              RZ Mask size

3.5” - 4.0”                   Medium

4” - 4.5”                      Large

4.5” and up                 Extra large