It is with great pride, and even greater humility, that we at RZ Industries express our gratitude to our customers and the greater community for their continuous support over the years and during this global pandemic. As events around the world progressed, the word “essential” was tied to the products and services we provide. There was no playbook or precedent telling us what to do. It was extremely difficult knowing not everyone who wanted a mask would get one. Our primary objective was to serve our customers and employees as best we could and do our best to get masks onto the faces of those who needed them most. 

During the last 5 months, RZ Industries worked diligently to be able to distribute our product at a pace which was 5-times greater than anything we had previously achieved. As proud as we are of this achievement, we wish we could have reached more.

Still, we were able to support 865,504 people across different channels in our markets.

Our efforts put masks into the hands of 371,000 end users through our direct to consumer channels, such as our website. Additionally, and in cooperation with our partners, we delivered 494,000 RZ masks to First Responders, Healthcare Workers, and others considered essential.

None of this could have happened if not for the amazing team members at RZ Industries. With strong leadership and thorough planning and execution, we were able to get most of our team members off-site to support our critical distribution team. This team’s efforts in following rigorous guidelines for cleanliness, social distancing, and personal protection resulted in no cases of COVID-19. Because of their tenacity, RZ Industries was consistently able to deliver products to our customers during this crisis.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We heard your voices during this crisis and will continue to work toward improving and making it easier for people to get our masks. RZ Industries will continue to keep our customers, end-users, and employees as our primary concern in all our decisions. We are excited to continue to serve and to bring you the best, most wearable safety products in the world.