Dear International Friends,

We care deeply about our customers and understand that high shipping costs can be a burden for those outside of the United States. Because of this we have an optional promotion that helps to offset the shipping costs. The International Package consists of our M5 Mesh Mask and includes a year’s supply of F5 Active Carbon Filters at no additional cost.

The M5 Mesh Mask and F5 Active Carbon Filter perform exactly the same as our M2 Mesh Mask and F1 Active Carbon Filter. The only difference is that the M5 and F5 only accept one another and will not fit into our other available products. Once the filters are exhausted a completely new mask and filter package is needed as replacement.

After the cost of shipping is added to the order, the total cost of this package is similar to the domestic cost in the United States for an M2 Mask and three additional F1 Filter Packs.

We sincerely appreciate your business and hope to supply you with a clean air solution for years to come.

Kind Regards,
Steve Torbenson
Founder & CEO

*The International Package includes 1 Gray M5 Mesh Mask, 11 F5 Active Carbon Filters, and a carrying case. This mask will only accept filters included in the International Package. Our traditional F1, F2, & F3 filters will not fit into this mask. Once all filters are exhausted a new International Package is needed as a replacement.