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Our lungs are constantly exposed to danger from the dusts and other pollutants we breathe. For DIYers, many projects around your home or job cause increased exposure to these harmful air born particulates. The goal of RZ is to be the leader in your protection by combining comfort and durability with a product that filters out 99.9% of this pollution. The RZ mask can filter particles down to 0.1 microns in size and offers unmatched protection and comfort. We guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

While we offer many different colors and designs; there are only two types of masks, M1 Neoprene and M2 Mesh. We also offer three filters. The F1 Active Carbon Filter comes stocked; however all masks are capable of housing all of our available filters. Our filters are known for their ability to filter particulates such as dust and allergens, but our active carbon filters are also effective against fumes, odors, organic chemicals and smoke. The F2 HEPA Filterand F3 HEPA with Active Carbon Filters have increased breathability compared to the F1 and are ideal for higher intensity applications.