The many benefits of an RZ Mask


If you suffer from asthma or allergies we don’t have to tell you that danger lurks in the air during many months out of the year. It’s a fact that tiny airborne particulates – pollen, dust, ragweed, mold spores and more – can trigger your allergies. It’s also a fact that if you wear a mask that’s officially rated as 99.9% effective – and blocks out particulates as small as .1 micron (that’s 1/25,000 of an inch) – that those particles will not get into your nose and lungs. For years allergy and asthma sufferers have raved about the effectiveness of the RZ Mask!


A respirator mask that’s highly rated (as in 99.9% effective) and blocks out very small particles (as small as .1 micron, or 1/25,000 of an inch) can help protect you if you’re at risk of becoming dangerously ill from airborne particles. Note that RZ Industries makes no definitive claims that you will be 100% protected from pathogens or that you won’t spread germs while wearing the RZ Mask.


The World Health Organization (WHO) says that ambient air pollution causes an estimated 4.2 million premature deaths globally, mainly from heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections in children. While effects vary from one country to another, if you’re concerned about pollution, wear an RZ Mask. It blocks out very small particles (as small as .1 micron, or 1/25,000 of an inch) and it’s officially highly rated – at 99.9% effective.


Bring a highly effective, foldable, nice-looking respirator mask with you when you travel, because you never know what or who you will encounter! This is especially true if you’ll be in airports, hotels, on busses or trains, or in crowded places. The RZ Mask’s filters block out very small particles (as small as .1 micron, or 1/25,000 of an inch) and it’s officially highly rated – at 99.9% effective. Carry one with you in the handy carrying case that comes with each RZ Mask! And carry an extra filter (two come with each RZ Mask.)


The RZ Mask is used by thousands of professionals who want to protect their lungs from dangerous particulates while on the job. These pros love that the RZ Mask is easy to put on and take off, that it won’t fog eyewear, safety glasses or goggles, and that is has replaceable filters including  Hi-Flo Premium filters for those who exert themselves a lot while on the job. If the pros love the RZ Mask, you will too!

RZ Mask’s outer shell – whether mesh, neoprene or nylon – is very durable and designed to last a long time. And, because our filters are replaceable, you never have to throw out the outer shell.

Depending on your use of the RZ Mask, filters can last for as long as 100 hours before needing replacement. We strongly suggest you keep your mask in the handy nylon carrying case because of the nature of our active carbon filters … these “smart filters” will continue to adsorb tiny molecules in the air (that’s different from absorb!) Adsorption is the process in which atoms, ions or molecules from a substance (it could be gas, liquid or dissolved solid) adhere to a surface of the adsorbent (the filter.) Keeping your RZ Mask in its case will prevent unneeded adsorption and make your filters last longer.

If you’ve ever used a mask that fogs your safety glasses, goggles or eyewear, you know that you constantly have to remove the mask to clear the fogging. This can be a safety concern! You may breathe in unwanted particulates, you may take your eyes off of your work and injure yourself, or you may get an eye injury. Our dual exhale valves combined with our high tensile strength adjustable nose piece eliminate fogging! They also help the filters to last longer since the filters are not subject to constant moisture.

Our careful design of the most comfortable air filtration mask available had you in mind – not just your comfort but your safety. When a personal safety item is easy to use and comfortable, you’re more likely to use it whenever and wherever you need it. And because moisture escapes through the two exhale valves, you’re more likely to keep the mask on compared to masks that get wet from moisture.

Our “active carbon” filters are certified by a renowned international testing laboratory to be 99.9% effective, blocking out particulates as small as .1 micron … that’s 1/25,000th of an inch!  And because they last a long time – and two filters come with each RZ Mask – you can save money as compared to throwing away disposable masks all the time.  Plus, having a replaceable filter on hand means you’re more likely to carry and use your mask regularly – a safety benefit!

A lot of our customers have their mask handy when they go out, go to a job site or go to help a friend with a job. Whether it’s a dusty cleanup, raking leaves, a lawn or garden project or using a power tool, your RZ Mask can be right there with you.

Thanks to our simple strap design, it’s fast and easy to put your RZ Mask on and take it off, so you’ll use it more often. Some masks are uncomfortable so you tend to lift them up to your forehead or take them off, which can be a safety issue.

Some masks don’t give you a lot of options to choose from. The RZ Mask comes in all kinds of designs and colors and three materials: neoprene for colder weather; mesh; and nylon. We even give you a choice of two strap designs: a hook-and-loop strap (our most popular) and a dual strap for people whose activities include a lot of body and head movement.

Raking leaves? Tackling a DIY project at home? Mowing? Cleaning the garage, attic or basement? Out on an ATV, dirt bike, mountain bike? Hey, particulates in the air – even ones you can’t see – can cause you to be miserable and can cause damage to your lungs. Wear a top quality air filtration mask, one that traps those particulates – The RZ Mask, worn by tens of thousands of people!