No matter the livestock, type of yield, or location, it’s important to make good practice of respiratory protection. Ranked 7th on Webmd’s riskiest jobs for your lungs, many farming operations are filled with breathing hazards such as dusty fields, animal barns, and grain bins.

Through exposure from these harmful airborne particulates, farmers run the risk of developing a variety of respiratory diseases including Farmer’s Lung and Organic Dust Toxicity Syndrome (ODST)—allergic reactions to dust caused by moldy hay and grains.

RZ Agriculture
RZ Agriculture


RZ Masks are ideal for agriculture systems of all sizes, from local farms to massive national operations. The neoprene or mesh material ensures unmatched comfortability from the peak of summer to the dead of winter. Replaceable active carbon filters provide superior protection against common on-the-job particulates such as odors, dust, mold, and bacteria.

When the job gets tough, our HEPA filters allow for effortless breathability. Two one-way exhalation valves expel heat and condensation, keeping the inside dry for long term use. These valves combined with an adjustable nose clip prevent lens fogging. The ability to have a small, proficient, easy to carry tool that offers protection from a wide array of airborne particulates is critical to have on any farm.

RZ Natural Mask


  • Dusty Grain Bins
  • Hay Dust
  • Diesel Odors
  • Smoke
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens
  • Livestock Dander and Odors


RZ Testimonial

Kimberly, Kentucky Department of Agriculture

“I test hay for the state of Kentucky so I grind forages into powder. I have ground well over 2000 samples since March and Friday was the first time I needed to change the filter. I would have already gone through 4 or more boxes of disposable masks by now. A very good cost saving measure! And yes you can quote me.”

RZ Testimonial

A.G., Arizona

"I am so lucky to have this mask. I was using a paper 3-M mask (the kind you get at Home Depot) and the inside would be brown when I took it off. There’s just no comparison in the way it keeps out the particulates that float in the dust. My jeans and boots get covered with very fine brown dust. Its so nice to know that I’m wearing something that will help keep that out of my lungs."

RZ Testimonial

Owen B, Minnesota

"In grain bins the dust can be brutal. I’ve used a variety of different masks, but the RZ Mask trumps them all. It’s comfy and provides the protection I need, plus it looks pretty sweet. I would highly recommend this mask for grain bin application. Works great for odors in the barns too!"