Noise Reduction Earmuffs - Black

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Noise Reduction Earmuffs - Black

The RZ® Defender Work Earmuffs keep your ears safe both on-the-job and at home. Providing a full 26db of noise reduction, they're perfect for hearing protection when using power tools, construction equipment, farm equipment, or anything that creates ear-damaging levels of sound. They're easy to slip on and off quickly, and are a must-have for home or construction worksite.



+ 26db of noise reduction
+ “Soft seal” earmuff areas and double-shell construction cancel the decibels but won’t squeeze tight against your ears
+ Industrial noise-dampening foam layers provide comfort, while the soft rubber seals to your face.
+ Padded, flexible, adjustable headband with pivoting steel-wire connection at both sides for just the right instant fit (fits virtually any head size)
+ Earmuffs fold into themselves for easy storage and transport
+ One size
+ Imported

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