Be ready for allergies on Memorial Day weekend

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Allergy sufferers in some parts of the country will be especially miserable on Memorial Day weekend, as certain allergies often peak this time of year. .

The grass allergy season generally peaks right around Memorial Day and tree season is still in progress in some regions.

“If you are allergic to tree and grass, it’s kind of a double hit right now where both are maybe at high levels in samples of ambient air in your vicinity,” said Cleveland Clinic allergist, David Land, M.D.

Dr. Lang says the severity of symptoms will depend on a number of factors, including time spent outdoors versus time spent in air conditioning.

Finding Relief

Hibernating indoors isn’t realistic when the weather is nice though, so it’s important to use allergy medications regularly.

Dr. Lang said a combination of over-the-counter antihistamines and nasal steroid sprays can be very effective and should be taken regardless of symptoms to get the best relief.

“You’ve got to take your medication whether you think you need it or not,” said Dr. Lang.

Keep the air ‘on’

Dr. Lang recommends avoiding allergens when possible and said with the windows closed and the air on, indoor pollen counts can be reduced by 90 percent or more.

Sunrise triggers some plants to release pollens, so people who like to sleep with the windows open are going to get a huge dose of pollen to start the day.

Dr. Lang said it’s best for allergy sufferers to keep the windows closed and turn on the air instead.


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