I really want to thank everybody at RZ Mask for helping to restore my quality of life.

Hello RZ Mask,
To cut a long story short, I hadn't been bothered by asthma for over 30 years until I nearly died about 3 years ago from a massive and unexpected asthma attack. I had lived in San Bernardino County CA where it is desert like most of my life. Over the years I had shots and learned to live with the grass allergies and poor air quality issues of my childhood. I relocated to the Ventura County CA coast where I hadn't given much thought to the highly agricultural area that uses a tremendous amount of compost (mold spores) as a fertilizer for the crops. I was out on a 20 mile bicycle ride passing the strawberry fields one day when I had a massive asthma attack and nearly died. After a few hospital visits and a lot of medication, my battle just got worse. It took me about a year of immunotherapy (allergy shots) and continued medication to reach the 50% mark health wise. During this time period I ordered every kind of mask that I could find. I literally could not ride my motorcycle the 40 mile trip to work from Ventura to Santa Barbara without having a severe breathing issue unless I was wearing a breathing mask to reduce the pollens that were causing me distress. You can see from the pictures that my mask is getting beat up from use. My health has nearly fully recovered, but when it comes to home projects you will never catch me without my RZ Mask. I still wear it when I ride my motorcycle as I never know when a dust cloud from the fields is going to blow by and I'm not taking any chances. I do a lot of woodworking and sawing and the mask is a fixture, just like putting on a pair of gloves. Let me add one other comment. For years I used those disposable paper dust mask sold at home improvement stores when working around the house, but the poor quality fit and construction along with the cheap rubber band used to hold them in place rendered them useless when I had a serious need for filtered air. I really want to thank everybody at RZ Mask for helping to restore my quality of life.