Clark County issues dust advisory for Monday

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The Clark County Department of Air Quality issued a dust advisory Monday due to winds.

The notice warns valley residents and operators of local construction sites of dusty conditions from late morning through evening, a news release said.

The department said that the dust is not at “unhealthy levels,” but air quality officials will continue monitoring it in case it exceeds healthy levels.

The release noted that airborne dust is a type of “inhalable air pollution,” which is called particulate matter. Particulate matter can irritate certain respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. The department said it may be best for people with such conditions, as well as for the elderly and children, to remain indoors during dust storms.

The department advised residents to take certain precautions to reduce dust and mitigate harmful effects on windy days, such as driving slowly on unpaved roads, keeping windows closed and changing indoor air filters, the release said.


Construction Sites Dust Inhalable Air Pollution

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