RZ Story - Making Every Breath Count

Posted by Joe Klatte on

 Our RZ story comes a world away from riding ATV's and racing motorbikes. We are probably your least likely customer. You see, my daughter was born with a life threatening, genetic lung disease and our story with RZ mask takes place at Children's Hospital. The management of her disease requires frequent trips to Children's Hospital and keeping bacteria at bay is a top priority. As we all know, a hospital is not the safest place for someone who is susceptible to germs and bacteria to be. The hospital chooses to address this issue by providing disposable paper masks which do not offer the level of protection that is so desperately needed. ENTER RZ MASK......Wow! This has been a game changer. Your product has changed our lives dramatically. Now my daughter can confidently stroll down the hallways and attend her clinic visits without the fear of some other child's cough causing her harm. She is now totally protected my RZ masks superior filtration. Trust me when I say, I did my research! I know that my child is well protected and the peace of mind I have found is priceless. Not to mention she has the coolest mask in the whole hospital. Thank you for making a difference and providing options for parents like myself.

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