I feel so safe in the RZ Mask

Posted by Josh Torbenson on

I am so lucky to have this mask. I was using a paper 3-M mask (the kind you get at Home Depot) and the inside would be brown when I took it off. So guess what was getting into my lungs. I feel so safe in the RZ Mask. There’s just no comparison in the way it keeps out the particulates that float in the dust. I volunteer at a horse rescue ranch and it’s dry and dusty and generally unpleasant. I’m constantly moving dirt around to pick up the “horse apples” left by the herd. Someone has to do it as it keeps disease down and there’s just something so gratifying about a clean ranch. My jeans and boots get covered with very fine brown dust. Its so nice to know that I’m wearing something that will help keep that out of my lungs. We have a lung fungal disease in Arizona that many people and dogs contract. There are spores in the ground and when the dirt gets moved, it releases the spores and they get into the lungs. It is debilitating and can take a year or more to get over. I don’t want Valley Fever and I feel good knowing that at least I’m being proactive.

– A.G., Arizona

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