RZ Mask deployed to Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan

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I've deployed to Iraq for five years between 2003-2010 and Afghanistan from 2013-present and as a former U.S. Army soldier and current Defense Department contractor. Maintaining a high fitness level in deployed environments is very important as physical and mental stressors are numerous and constant. I retired from the Army after 22 years and I always choose to ship and ride a mountain bike for fitness to save wear and tear on a set of knees that have seen many miles and years of use and abuse. Three years in Iraq without filtration during constant dusty conditions and severe dust storms motivated me to find a solution to protect the set of lungs I was born with and hope to keep.
A contract gig I had prior to deployment to Afghanistan required research of dust conditions and composition to support air filtration system decisions for airborne platforms which required long term exposure. Main lesson was the dust in Afghanistan is a calcite/silica composition that is microscopically sharp-edged and detrimental to lung tissue during long-term exposure.
Researching air filter options for riding while deployed led to the discovery of the RZ Mask design which looked to be the solution. And a very good solution for sure! I ride a MTB 40-100 miles each week and wear my RZ Mask every time. The design and fit and price are one of the best investments I've made and I spend quite a few dollars on fitness equipment and protective gear.
The first RZ Mask I purchased endured 16 months of riding use, filter changes, and deployment/redeployment shipping. For my current deployment I purchased two more RZ Masks and extra filters with no degradation of any component on the first one used. I change filters after 8-10 weeks of use and NEVER have an issue with filter degradation due to moisture from sweat or breath condensation.
I'm very impressed with the RZ Mask design and function and would recommend these units to anyone needing a low cost, yet highly functional personal air filter device. Apologies for the long story but details driving the need for an RZ Mask device are key.
David Dougherty
Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan
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I really want to thank everybody at RZ Mask for helping to restore my quality of life.

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Hello RZ Mask,
To cut a long story short, I hadn't been bothered by asthma for over 30 years until I nearly died about 3 years ago from a massive and unexpected asthma attack. I had lived in San Bernardino County CA where it is desert like most of my life. Over the years I had shots and learned to live with the grass allergies and poor air quality issues of my childhood. I relocated to the Ventura County CA coast where I hadn't given much thought to the highly agricultural area that uses a tremendous amount of compost (mold spores) as a fertilizer for the crops. I was out on a 20 mile bicycle ride passing the strawberry fields one day when I had a massive asthma attack and nearly died. After a few hospital visits and a lot of medication, my battle just got worse. It took me about a year of immunotherapy (allergy shots) and continued medication to reach the 50% mark health wise. During this time period I ordered every kind of mask that I could find. I literally could not ride my motorcycle the 40 mile trip to work from Ventura to Santa Barbara without having a severe breathing issue unless I was wearing a breathing mask to reduce the pollens that were causing me distress. You can see from the pictures that my mask is getting beat up from use. My health has nearly fully recovered, but when it comes to home projects you will never catch me without my RZ Mask. I still wear it when I ride my motorcycle as I never know when a dust cloud from the fields is going to blow by and I'm not taking any chances. I do a lot of woodworking and sawing and the mask is a fixture, just like putting on a pair of gloves. Let me add one other comment. For years I used those disposable paper dust mask sold at home improvement stores when working around the house, but the poor quality fit and construction along with the cheap rubber band used to hold them in place rendered them useless when I had a serious need for filtered air. I really want to thank everybody at RZ Mask for helping to restore my quality of life.
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Your Customer Service Was Excellent!

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I just wanted to take a moment to write to your company and say how much my wife and I love your masks. We have been using them for a while now and love how they filter out the dust and particles in our wood shop.  Their ease of putting them on and taking them off is so much better than those disposable masks and those more cumbersome traditional face masks.  
Your customer service was excellent when I had an issue with my first order.  I am already recommending them to fellow woodworkers that I know would benefit from them. I even sent one to my brother who is a painter for him to try out on some of his painting needs.
Thanks again and take care,
Scott Pearson
Woodworker in Indiana
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The Trails Were Dry and Dusty

Posted by Jordan Torbenson on

    I Love my new RZ Mask. I suffer from Acute Sinusitis. I Recently Purchased My New Mask And Went Riding In The Upper Peninsula Of Michigan. The Trails We're Dry And Dusty. I Was The 8th Rider in Line. I Was Leary Of This Position Due To Past Problems With Other Masks And Homemade Scarfs I Have Tried. But At The End Of The Ride When Other Friends Were All Blowing There Noses And Getting All The Dirt Out You Can Imagine I Was Clean And Breathing Easy. The Outside of my Mask Was Dirty as All Get Out. But the Inside Liner/ Filter Was Just As White As When The Ride Started. Thanks RZ Mask For Making My Quad Riding Enjoyable Again.
 Ron Garrow
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Law Enforcement Officer Investigates RZ Mask

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   Let’s talk about RZ Masks. I have worked in Law Enforcement for two different
agencies in two different states compiling 17 years of experience. I currently work
in a city Police Department in Northern MN. I have had to the opportunity to
work in many positions in this career field. With that said, needless to say as we
all do in this profession have come across some gruesome things. One thing that
always got to me is some of the odors associated with these incidents. So when I
was recently contacted by Joe Klatte, from RZ Masks, he got my attention. Joe
told me about his product that he thought could be useful to our officers. I am a
sucker for listening to yet another sales pitch, but I sure am glad I did. I am not
going to get into to how these masks work, all I can say is that it does! Joe was
kind enough to send us a few and let us have a go at them.

   As we all are, I was skeptical about this mask, but figured what do I
have to lose. Heck it had to be better than cotton swabs dunked in Vicks up the
nose…. The masks came in in various sizes and styles. First off they are very 
comfortable to wear, easy to have in your duty bag and do not take up much
space. You can even easily fit them in a cargo pocket. I can see so many different
applications for these in our field but the top one for me is smell. Without a
doubt, these masks made a big difference! Making sure you have a good seal is
important but when you do, man does it knock out the smell. I won’t say 100%
but, I don’t think that you could get much better unless you are in a SCBA (self-
contained breathing apparatus). Another great application, being in northern
Minnesota is taking the cold air off your face. Nothing like standing in the open
with a brisk North wind in your face! How nice and easy to take out your mask
and put it on. Great for training with OC spray also, no one likes an inadvertent
OC mist, aka: pepper spray, in the face. I could think of many more but I will leave
that to you. Very easy to change out the filter and keep to it clean for multiple
uses. At a low cost it is worth giving it a try to see for yourself!

Thank You RZ Industries



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