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Abrasion-Resistant Fabric with Comfortable Stretch Fit.
Removes 99.9% of Dust & Particulates.
One-Way Easy Breathing. Expel Moisture & Optimize Temp.
Fits under Helmets and Goggles. Replaceable Filters.
Elevate your Performance & Style.

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Gas Mask Aftermath

Limited Gear | Web Exclusive Designs | Gas Mask | Epic Styles
Limited Gear | Web Exclusive Designs | Gas Mask | Epic StylesLimited Gear | Web Exclusive Designs | Gas Mask | Epic StylesLimited Edition Web Exclusive Design | Storage Bag | 2 Filters | Custom PackaginLimited Edition Web Exclusive Design | Storage Bag | 2 Filters | Custom PackaginAtv, Motocross, Off Road, Dust Protection, Mask
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SKU: 75888
Price: $29.95

RZ Mask
2 Filters
Storage Bag
REGULAR | Fits Most
XL | 235lbs+
YOUTH | 130lbs>

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Product Description

Unexpected Advance in Sports Protection
No other mask offers this level of protection for so many uses. Designed for All-Purpose Protection in Off-Road, Active Winter Sports, Hunting, Construction and tons more. The Abrasion-Resistant Fabric has a Comfortable Stretch Fit, and the Streamlined Design fits easily under Helmets and Goggles.
The Replaceable Active Carbon Filters will remove up to 99.9% of impurities from the air you breathe.
Technical Head-Wear never looked or performed this good. Find an epic design that expresses your style.
RZ Mask is proud to offer our 100% Unrivaled Performance Guarantee. Just mail back your mask if it doesnt perform at your expected level and RZ will credit you back or replace it for you.

Dual Valve Technology

A one-way airflow vent expels condensation keeping the mask interior dry. Each Valve facilitates easy breathing outwards by optimizing airflow. An easy twist seal locks the inner filter in place and blocks unfiltered air.

Neoprene Construction

Neoprene is a comfortable material perfect for the low profile design that fits under goggles and helmets. The Closed Cell Waterproofing blocks moisture and retains optimum body temp. Abrasion-resistant fabric combined with the high durability extends the lifetime of the product and protects it’s user.

Active Carbon Filters

The Active Carbon Filters can remove up to 99.5% of dust and particulates from the air. Protection extends to hundreds of uses where light protection can greatly reduce potential lung damage. Replacing filters over time keeps the mask at top level performance. Replacement Filter Packs are sold in the Gear Shop section.


"The most sophisticated product that we tried, it is simply light-years ahead of most other solutions for heavy dust conditions."


"If you are at all concerned about your health while riding the dusty trails, the RZ Mask is a great tool to help keep your lungs safe. RZ Mask's special design ensures that it will not fog eyeglasses, looks sporty, and fits easily inside helmets."


"People who enjoy dirt bikes, ATVs, ect. often wind up covered in grime - and they are still coughing it up several days later...That’s why the neoprene RZ Mask is such a hot item."


"Considering the low weight, high filtration and pack-flat capability of the mask, it’s a no brainer. From desert dust to down town diesel clouds, it simply makes sense to have one in your bag."


"We have all experienced those rides or races when the terrain is so dry its nothing but a dust bowl...The new RZ Mask will allow you to compete with an advantage of clean air."


"What makes this mask special is the active carbon that takes care of those nasty exhaust fumes. This is a real plus when following one of those Jeeps that burns more oil than gasoline."

admin | + | Ken R - Firefighting
“The most refined product that we have used during our overhaul process on fire scenes” -Proudly worn by Ladder Crew #1 at Martin’s Ferry Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio.
admin | + | Travis - New York
"Thank you RZMASK, Im an Artist and I wear your mask everyday when I airbrush.... Finally I can't smell the Fumes " I love It "
joe1371 | + | Trail Riding, Adventure racing
Got my New mask a week ago. Loved it ! took on some decently nasty trails and held up great. i ordered the spitfire and it was back ordered, so rz sent me a free mask for the inconvenience. gotta love that kind of customer service! Company is great...
olga.pinney | + | ATV
excellent mask, protects against wind, dust and cold.
admin | + | Roger - Feedback
"I Love the Comfort, I wear the RZMASK During the Allergy season. That's all I need!! Thank you RZMASK"
olga.pinney | + | ATV
excellent mask, protects against wind, dust and cold.

REGULAR | New size fits most
XL | Fits larger frames (235lbs+)
YOUTH | Fits kids 12 and under (130lbs>)