RZ Mask Sport & Dust Protection
Dust Protection & Sport Fit

Ride Hard, Breathe Easy

Nothing is worse than ripping your ATV or dirt bike on the track or trail and having to call it a day because your mouth is full of dust. The RZ Mask offers a comfortable solution that fits under helmets and provides advanced protection. Now you can ride longer without leaving with a mouthful of dust and exhaust for extended periods of time.

Featured Tech

  • Fits comfortably under Helmets and Goggles.
  • Expels Moisture to keep your face dry and goggles clear.
  • Durable Neoprene offers Protection and Comfort.
  • Ideal Inner-Temperature allows for use in Summer and Winter.
  • Breathe Easy with the One-Way dual vents.
  • Up to 99.9% filtration from Dust & Particulates.

Suggested Styles

Digi-Tech Orange
Digi-Tech Orange $29.95
Katana $29.95
Filters Regular $6.95