RZ Mask Sport & Dust Protection
Dust Protection & Sport Fit

Ride Hard, Breathe Easy

Nothing is worse than ripping your ATV or dirt bike on the track or trail and having to call it a day because your mouth is full of dust. The RZ Mask offers a comfortable solution that fits under helmets and provides advanced protection. Now you can ride longer without leaving with a mouthful of dust and exhaust for extended periods of time.

Featured Tech

  • Fits comfortably under Helmets and Goggles.
  • Expels Moisture to keep your face dry and goggles clear.
  • Durable Neoprene offers Protection and Comfort.
  • Ideal Inner-Temperature allows for use in Summer and Winter.
  • Breathe Easy with the One-Way dual vents.
  • Up to 99.9% filtration from Dust & Particulates.

Suggested Styles

Digi-Tech Orange
Digi-Tech Orange $29.95
Katana $29.95
Filters Regular $6.95


olga.pinney | atv | ATV
excellent mask, protects against wind, dust and cold.
| atv | Bill - Minnesota
"I have been riding ATV's for years and have tried every imaginable way to keep from sucking dust in. Paper masks, scarves, you name it. Nothing comes close to this product! I ride all day and forget I even have it on!"
admin | atv | Al - Santa Clara
"For the past 6 years I have ridden in the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, but this September with the trails as dusty as ever I experienced no ill-effect from the dust as I have in previous years."